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024 QnA Where Should I Worship? 1

On A Better Bible Study Podcast, Rudy discusses with church of Christ members, the question as to where to they should worship. How do I decide which church to attend? There are two basic positions from which to ask this question.  The perspective of a non- Christian, a sincere person who wishes to find a […]


021 GG16 Gospel Review Part 1

On Better Bible Study Podcast, in the 16th episode of the series titled The Gospel and Spiritual Growth Bible Study, Rudy reviews the most important concepts, definitions and topics to Church of Christ members. Wrapping up our concentration on the gospel, we will be focusing on spiritual growth. Salvation Power Salvation that God provides us […]


019 GG15 The Gospel Reveals Things

Welcome to A Better Bible Study Podcast. These are the notes for the fifteenth episode of our Bible study series called  “The Gospel and Spiritual Growth.” In this episode, we talk about the revelatory implications of the Gospel -the things that the gospel reveals to us Christians. We are happy to be able to share […]