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021 GG16 Gospel Review Part 1

On Better Bible Study Podcast, in the 16th episode of the series titled The Gospel and Spiritual Growth Bible Study, Rudy reviews the most important concepts, definitions and topics to Church of Christ members. Wrapping up our concentration on the gospel, we will be focusing on spiritual growth. Salvation Power Salvation that God provides us […]

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20 QnA Keeping to the Bible 02

On Better Bible Study Podcast, today, we have a QnA episode. In these episodes ,Rudy discusses questions or subjects related to Bible study with church of Christ members. Today’s question is  about keeping to the Bible – not adding to or taking away from. Why in the Lord’s church today, do many people find this […]


017 GG013 Biblical Definitions

Welcome to A Better Bible Study Podcast . You are watching the 13th study of in this Bible study series called The Gospel and Spiritual Growth. In this episode, we review the important definitions that we have learned in this online Bible study series. A couple definitions that we revisit include  “what is the gospel?” […]