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019 GG15 The Gospel Reveals Things

Welcome to A Better Bible Study Podcast. These are the notes for the fifteenth episode of our Bible study series called  “The Gospel and Spiritual Growth.” In this episode, we talk about the revelatory implications of the Gospel -the things that the gospel reveals to us Christians. We are happy to be able to share […]


006 GG05 Studying the Gospel

This is the 5th episode of our Bible study series dubbed the Gospel and Spiritual Growth. This bible study is shared by our online adult bible study group, which is made up of several brothers and sisters from the church of Christ. In the previous episodes we have been introduced to the gospel, its implications, […]

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004 QnA Introduction of the Bible class teacher – Rudy Kantu

This is an introductory episode of A Better Bible Study Podcast where Jack and our Bible study teacher, Rudy “the Bear” Kantu, discuss Rudy’s methods and goals of teaching the Bible. Class Types This online bible study series dubbed The Gospel and Spiritual Growth will be composed of two types of classes. One is the […]